Spatial Synthesis:  An eBook Series

Sandra Lach Arlinghaus and William Charles Arlinghaus

Volume I:  Centrality and Hierarchy
Book 1:  Regular Lattices, Geometry, and Number Theory

Chapter 1.  Classical Central Place Hierarchies:  A Real World View
Chapter 2.  Fractal Generation of the Classical Hexagonal Hierarchies
Chapter 3.  Number Theory Background
Chapter 4.  Geometric Representations for Arbitrary Hierarchies
Chapter 5.  Binary Quadratic Forms and the Loschian Diophantine Equation
Chapter 6.  Back to the Real World:  Eratosthenes in Ann Arbor
Virtual Reality
Solstice, 2004
Solstice, 2005

SA:  Book cover adjusted in 2024 to reflect changes in security that made some of this book inaccessible or difficult to access.
The original cover and single layer of the eBook are  preserved, as a static image, in Deep Blue, as a pdf.

About the Authors
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Possible Future Volumes
Proposed topics for future volumes of Spatial Synthesis, as invited in
Solstice:  An Electronic Journal of Geography and Mathematics,
Volume XIII, Number 2, Winter 2002
( ).
Volume I;  Centrality and Hierarchy (Books 2, 3,)
Volume II:  Distance and Geodesic
Volume III:  Adjacency and Connection
Volume IV:  Minimax, Absolute/relative, and Density
Volume V:  Scale, Orientation, and Dimension
Volume VI:  Partition, Separation, and Diffusion
Volume VII:  Transformation and Symmetry
Institute of Mathematical Geography.  Copyright, 2005, held by authors.
Spatial Synthesis:  Centrality and Hierarchy, Volume I, Book 1.
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus and William Charles Arlinghaus