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December, 2014

Articles and Notes

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Save any linked .kmz files on your computer and then open them in Google Earth.

The Diffusion of a Medical Innovation:  Part 2

Sandra L. Arlinghaus, Thomas C. Crawford, and Kim A. Eagle

Beth Olem Animations:  Foreshadowing the Perimeter Project?

Sandra L. Arlinghaus

The MegaMenger Sponge Project at MoMath

Ruth Favro

Comments from Readers and Links of Possible Interest

From Joseph Kerski:
From George Mokray:

Undulatus Asperatus, a new cloud classification

Blinkytile - programmable LEDs on pentagonal tiles construction set - hat tip to boingboing

Crystalline furniture forms

Scott Albrecht - typographic and geometric art

Visualize Pi Brooklyn street mural

Another visualization of pi among Daniel Tammet’s artworks

3D printed earthquake-proof column

Endofullerenes - fullerene cages for quantum experimentation on H2O and H2

Optical Poem - 1938 stop motion animation by Oskar Fischinger illustrating Second Hungarian Rhapsody by Liszt - hat tip boingboing

Paper boomerang - for world peace

Cubical rubber bands (expensive)

Model room, 2003, at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, 2014 - hat tip to Dmitri Kozlov

Tom Hull on origami and education3

From the Editor of Solstice:

Hexagonal Hyperbolic Honeycombs

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  1. Chene Street History Project.
  2. Spatial Mathematics:  Theory and Practice Through Mapping. Sandra L. Arlinghaus and Joseph Kerski, (2013), CRC PressLinked video.  Published July 2013, 
  3. The work above is the first volume in a series of books to be published by CRC Press in its series "Cartography, GIS, and Spatial Science:  Theory and Practice."  If you have an idea for a book to include, or wish to participate in some other way, please contact the series Editor, Sandra L. Arlinghaus.
  4. Virtual Cemetery with William E. Arlinghaus; an ongoing project that continues in development run in the virtual world in parallel with the trust-funded model of a real-world cemetery.


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