Spatial Synthesis
Volume II, Book 1:
Scientific, Planning, Humanitarian, and Teaching Applications, From DevInfo to Google Earth

Principal author:
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus
with direct input from:
Matthew Naud, Kris S. Oswalt, Roger Rayle, Lars Schumann
and other contributions from:
  William C. Arlinghaus, William E. Arlinghaus, Michael Batty, Robert Haug, Ann Larimore, Karl Longstreth, Gwen Nystuen, John D. Nystuen

Volume I of the Spatial Synthesis* series focuses on theory; Volume II of the series focuses on applications, turning theory into practice.  This first book in Volume II gives readers a step-by-step guide on how to extract data from DevInfo software to use in GIS software (new and old) and in Google Earth.  It also shows results of a variety of applications of 3D modeling in the scientific, planning, humanitarian, and teaching realms and suggests directions for future applications (most of which are already in progress). 

Maternal Mortality Ratios:  From DevInfo to Google Earth.

*2005: Book.
Spatial Synthesis, Volume I:  Centrality and Hierarchy.  Book 1. Arlinghaus, Sandra Lach and Arlinghaus, William Charles.  June 21.


Software used in analysis:

Author affiliations:

Published by:
Institute of Mathematical Geography
August, 2008.
Copyright by Sandra Arlinghaus, all rights reserved.