Spatial Synthesis
Volume II, Book 1:
Scientific, Planning, Humanitarian, and Teaching Applications, From DevInfo to Google Earth



Software used in analysis:
  • DevInfo 5.0:
  • Adobe® PhotoShop and ImageReady
  • Adobe® DreamWeaver
  • ESRI:
    • ArcView® 3.2
    • ArcGIS® 9.2
      • ArcCatalog®
      • ArcMap®
  • Google Earth®

Author affiliations:
  • Arlinghaus, Sandra Lach.  Adjunct Professor of Mathematical Geography and Population-Environment Dynamics, School of Natural Resources and Environment, The University of Michigan.  Executive Committee Member (Secretary) Community Systems Foundation,,
  • Naud, Matthew.  Environmental Coordinator and Assistant Emergency Manager, Systems Planning Unit, City of Ann Arbor
  • Oswalt, Kris S.  President, Community Systems Foundation
  • Rayle, Roger.  Scio Residents for Safe Water
  • Lars Schumann.  Manager and Research Computer Specialist, University of Michigan 3D Laboratory at the Duderstadt Center; also of Cornell University, Ithaca NY
  • Arlinghaus, William C.  Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, MI
  • Arlinghaus, William E.  General Manager, Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Batty, Michael. Bartlett Professor of Planning and Director of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at University College London
  • Haug, Robert.  Ph.D. Candidate, Middle Eastern and North African Studies, The University of Michigan
  • Larimore, Ann Evans.  Professor Emerita, Residential College, The University of Michigan
  • Longstreth, Karl.  M.A.  Head, Map Library, The University of Michigan
  • Nystuen, Gwen L.  Member, Parks Advisory Commission, City of Ann Arbor
  • Nystuen, John D.  Professor Emeritus of Geography and Urban Planning, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, The University of Michigan.  Chief Executive Officer, Community Systems Foundation

Published by:
Institute of Mathematical Geography
August, 2008.
Copyright by Sandra Arlinghaus, all rights reserved.