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June, 2011
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Front matter:  June, 2011.
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Sandra L. Arlinghaus
*3D and 2D Mapping
Matthew Naud, Environmental Coordinator, City of Ann Arbor
and Systems Planning Staff
*Ann Arbor, Downtown Historical Marker Survey
(Available only as a .kmz file)
Sandra L. Arlinghaus
The Perimeter Project, Part 5
*Connections:  Scholarly Multi-tasking in a Mobile Virtual World, Part 2.
Sandra L. Arlinghaus and William E. Arlinghaus
*Pall-Gelman Plume, A Contemporary Google Earth View
(Available only as a .kmz file)
Roger Rayle
GooglEarth Day, 3rd Annual
Video links by Roger Rayle:
Youtube playlist for all four videos of GooglEarth Day #3 is:
The individual videos are:
20110422-GEDay3-part1 - Introduction & Matthew Naud
20110422-GEDay3-part2 - Sandra Arlinghaus
20110422-GEDay3-part3 - Richard Koenig
20110422-GEDay3-part4 - Roger Rayle
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