3D Atlas of Ann Arbor, 2nd Edition
2024 Revision

Editor and Principal Author, Sandra Lach Arlinghaus, Ph.D.; see credits at bottom of homepage.
Copyright 2006, Institute of Mathematical Geography or by authors of documents.

Introduction  |List of Plates and 3D Models | Application | References

Focus on 3D Models of downtown buildings in the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) of Ann Arbor, Michigan
in association with an application of a simulated flood of Allen's Creek.

Unless otherwise noted, images created by S. Arlinghaus using Google Earth Pro

...the second edition.
Without this group, this atlas would not be possible in its present form.
Finally, thanks to reviewers for constructive comment, to many others who have observed the development of this project, and to my family:  husband, William C. Arlinghaus; son, William E. Arlinghaus; and, daughter-in-law, Kari Suffel Arlinghaus.   Their patience and kindness have been critical to the development of these materials.

Please note the following caution--while donations of digital material were all current at one time, there is a lag in creating materials from them.  Regular updating of material continues.

To all of the individuals mentioned here, as well as to those mentioned in the 1st Edition, goes deep appreciation.  Remaining errors are those of the editor and principal author alone.

...the first edition
In addition to those above, there are a number of individuals who were either important in the development or the use of the First Edition:

Douglas S. Kelbaugh (Dean, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, The University of Michigan), Fred J. Beal (President, J. C. Beal Construction, Ann Arbor),  Susan Pollay (Executive Director, Downtown Development Authority), Karen Hart (Planning Director, City of Ann Arbor), Jean Carlberg (City Council), Wendy Woods (City Council), Steve Thorp (Chair, Planning Commission), Frances Todoro (Mayor's Office), Robert Gillett, and William D. Kinley. Their thoughtful comments have helped, in various ways, to shape selected images.  Brian Barrick and Peter Pollack, both of Pollack Designs, followed this work with interest, as did Ray Detter, DDA Citizens Advisory Committee.

The First Edition, itself, is the best source of notation of other individuals who have participated in various ways over the past 6 years.

Copyright, 2006, All rights reserved.  Contact arlinghaus@gmail.com for permissions issues.