5331 Chene
Tenants as identified in the Polk/Bresser Directories

Chene Street History Project,
Marian Krzyzowski, Director

A social history of the Chene Street (Detroit) neighborhood (1890-1990) as seen through the eyes of everyday people in their everyday lives.

The University of Michigan

Timeline of Selected Events
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1922-3                         Terrace Gardens, rest. (P)
1923-4                         Sadowski Music House (P)
1924-5                         vacant (P)
1925-6                         Gronek, Michal, rest. (P)
1926-7                         Pasieczny, Ignacy, furn. (P)
1927-8                         vacant (P)
1928-9                         Jaruga, Marion, mus. instr (P)  The first Jaruga Music store located at 5331 Chene.
1929-30                       Jaruga, Marion, mus. instr (P)   Irene Jaruga was born upstairs in the 5331 Chene location.  St. Hyacinth’s Nowiny Parafialne ad from January for the Jaruga Music store located at 5331 Chene.
1930-1                         Jaruga, Marion, mus. instr (P)
1931-2                         vacant (P)  In 1931 the Jaruga Music store moved to its second location at 5215 Chene.
1932-3                         vacant (P)
1934                            Petz, Clara, beer (P)
1935                            Majkowski, Frank beer (P)
1936                            Majkowski, Frank beer garden (P)
1937                            Majkowski, Frank beer tavern (P)
1938                            Majkowski, Frank beer tavern (P)
1939                            Majkowski, Veronica Mrs. beer garden (P)
1940                            Majkowski, Veronica Mrs. beer garden (P)
1941                            Majkowski, Veronica Mrs. beer garden (P)
1946                            Round Bar Café (B)
1946-7                         Round Bar Café (B)
1947-8                         no entry (B)
1949-50                       no entry (B)
1951-2                         Round Bar Café (B)
1952-3                         Round Bar Café (B)
1953-4                         Round Bar Café (B) (Majkowski in 1954 ads)
1955-6                         Round Bar Café (B) (Kulesza in 1956 ads)
1956-7                         Round Bar Café (B)
1957                            Cabaret rest. Round Bar Tavern (P)
1958-59                       Round Bar Café (B)
1959-60                       Round Bar Café Leon Kulesza (B)
1960-61                       Round Bar Café Leon Kulesza (B)
1961-62                       Round Bar Café Leon Kulesza (B)
1962-63                       Round Bar Café Leon Kulesza (B)
1963                            Cabaret rest. Round Bar Tavern (P)
1964                            Cabaret rest. Round Bar Tavern (P)
1965-66                       Round Bar Café (B)
1967                            Round Bar Café Tavern Zosia’s Rest. (P)
1968                            Round Bar Café Tavern Zosia’s Rest. (P)
1969-70                       Round Bar Café (B)
1970                            Round Bar Café Tavern Zosia’s Rest. (P)  Linked business card.
1971-2                         Round Bar Café (B)
1972-3                         Round Bar Café (B)
1973-4                         Round Bar Café Round House Café (B)
1974                            Round Bar Café Tavern Zosia’s Rest. (P)
1975-6                         Round Bar (B)
1976-7                         Round Bar Zosia’s Rest. (B)
1977-8                         Round Bar Zosia’s Rest. (B) 
Photos taken on May 11, 1978 at Irene Jaruga's 50th birthday party at the Round Bar on Chene where she was born.    1.  Esther Jaruga (George's wife) is sitting in the foreground.  Kenneth Charles Bartos (Irene's son) is in the plain sport coat.  Linda and Ed Andrzejewski Jr. are sitting along the back table.  2.  Photo of Round Bar taken from the upstairs balcony.  3.  Michael A. Yuskowatz (Norene's son) being held up by George Jaruga (Irene's brother).  Photo taken facing the front window onto Chene.
1979                            Round Bar Zosia’s Rest. (B)  Linked photo of exterior by Larry Chominski.
1980                            Round Bar Zosia’s Rest. (B)   After Kulesza was killed in a robbery in the bar, the bar was taken by the new owner:  Tadeusz (Ted) Nawrocki.  Ted was earlier a bartender at Kulesza's bar.  Detroit Free Press:  1, 2, 3
1981                            Round Bar (B)
1982                            Round Bar (B)
1983                            Round Bar (B)
1984                            Round Bar (B)
1985                            Round Bar (B)
1986                            Round Bar (B)
1987                            Round Bar (B)
1988                            no entry (B)
1989                            Round Bar (B). 
1990                            Delegance Lounge
1991                            Delegance Lounge
1992                            Delegance Lounge
1993                            Delegance Lounge
1994                            Delegance Lounge
1995                            Delegance Lounge
1996                            Delegance Lounge
1997                            Delegance Lounge
1998                            Delegance Lounge
1999                            Delegance Lounge
2000                            Delegance Lounge
2001                            Delegance Lounge
2002                            Delegance Lounge.   Photos taken in September of the old Round Bar Building:  1, 2
2003                            Delegance Lounge
2004                            Delegance Lounge
2005                            Delegance Lounge
2006                            Delegance Lounge
2007                            Delegance Lounge
2008                            Delegance Lounge
2009                            Delegance Lounge
2010                            Delegance Lounge
2011                            Delegance Lounge
2012                            Delegance Lounge

Sanborn map overlain on Google Earth with added 3D building at 5331 Chene.

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