Celebration of Life held February 2, 2007:  Jack Cole, 1930-2007.  Harold W. Vick Funeral Home, Mt. Clemens, Michigan followed by a small reception at Luciano's Restaurant, Clinton Township, Michigan.

Picture Boards from the celebration of life:
Other photographs:
Present at the celebration were many friends and family:

Jack's children by Lois:

Michael Cole
Patricia Cole
Christopher Cole
Susan Cole

Jack's children by Sharon:

Robert Cole
Holly Cole
Anthony Clayton Cole

Jack's 17 grandchildren who are blood relations.

Jack's ex-wife, Sharon

Press Clippings:

  • Detroit Free Press
  • Vick Guestbook:  pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
In memory of
Jack Cole

Link to  an early residence, 8139 Independence Drive, Sterling Heights, MI.

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