From Terri Teeri:  
What an amazing thing today or at least I thought it was.   I check the USGS earthquake site to see what the earthquake activity is several times during the week.    This evening I was very surprised.....  37 earthquakes of 2.5-5.6 in the Gulf of Aden just today (10 were 5.0 or greater).   Most at 10 km deep.      And there is nothing in the news or on the web about it....except for a few random comments.   Know things 5.0 are not very big .....but still.....     Maybe it is Rift Valley extension activity and such but this 'swarm' just seemed very unusual in its pattern and might pique your interest..... in geography and mathematics.    Or maybe it might be of interest to other colleagues of yours.
Also GoogleEarth has them all the Yemen, Djibouti, Gulf of Aden area.

From Lillian Trac: 

Here's a link to the index images from the Earth as Art exhibit that Bruce and I saw in Washington DC years past.  Enjoy.

From Robert F. Austin:

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From Aydin Akcasu:
Thank you for passing this on.  Didn't realize there was a field that combines geography and math.

From Edward Vielmetti:
Saw this, thought of you both.-- green burial as a protection for fragile lands; from  the proposal is to take land currently zoned for golf courses and rezone it for cemetery use, and then use green burial practices to keep the land use suitable for both golf and burial purposes.<>

From Alice Lanckton:
Thanks, Sandra.  It's too late for the next issue, but I'll keep it for the one after that.

From Sally Volkman:
that is REALLY a great website :)  Thank you!

From Amanda Siegle:
I would like to suggest a site for the GPS Links page located here:  The name of the site is Best of the Web - GPS.  It's a helpful resource for researching GPS on the Internet.

Congratulations notes in reference to Anniversary:

From Carlo Werlen:  Congratulations.
From Seema Iyer:  Congratulations on this wonderful milestone!  Happy Summer Solstice!
From Cozy Grabb:  Happy Solstice and congratulations to you and Bill on all your publications and awards.