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Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committee

Nomination Form for Goodwill Member of the Year.

Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committee

Sandra DeMartino
Goodwill Committee Chair, 2013-

The ACBL Goodwill Committee was organized in 1955 with John E. Simon as chair and Louise Durham as co-chair. Aileen Osofsky became chair in 1985 and has expanded the committee’s endeavors, taking on promotion of active ethics, awareness of those with disabilities such as hearing loss, support for junior programs and naming of a goodwill member of the year.

Current Chair is Sandra DeMartino and assistant chairs are Marilyn Vilhauer, Sandy Arlinghaus, Joo-Hee Janicki, Janise Saul, Janice Anderson, Kathy Swaine, and Carol Hamilton.
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Make "Goodwill" part of YOUR daily life, too!

Each member of the ACBL Board of Directors is entitled to appoint two lifetime members from his or her district annually. Goodwill Day is celebrated the Monday of each NABC.

Districts and units are encouraged to establish and recognize their own Goodwill Committees.  We encourage clubs to promote special goodwill activities.

At the Summer 2010 NABC in New Orleans, LA, the committee was renamed the Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committee in her memory and in appreciation of her 25 years of service as chair. Click here to view a memorial to Aileen created by Sandy Arlinghaus.

We encourage clubs to use the anniversary to promote special goodwill activities.

Top 10 Goodwill Gestures
Greet and Welcome Opponents
Always Say, “Director, Please”
Lead or Place Dummy before You Write
Mentor a New Player
Say, “Thank You, Partner”
Compliment Opponent’s Play
Discuss Hands after the Game
Accept Defeat and Victory with Grace
Leave a Tidy Table
Smile Often!

Goodwill Members of the Year
1990 Doris O’Grady, Highland CA
1991 Julian Slager, Montgomery AL **
1992 Dorothy and Norman Edwardson, Springfield AR
1993 Jack Boehne, Indialantic FL **
1994 Gladys Hodge, Pocatello ID **
1995 Kara Jarman, Las Vegas NV **
1996 Mayme Lawrence, Springfield IL **; Thomas W. Gardner, Farmington Hills MI**
1997 Dick Shaver, Reno NV **
1998 Jay Brown, Northridge CA **
1999 Miriam G Martin, Greenville CA **
2000 Joan Weinrott, Bryn Mawr PA
2001 Louise Wiegman, Mesa AZ **; John K. Keech, Victoria BC
2002 Kay E. Afdahl, Virginia Beach VA; Sheena Rayner, Hamilton Bermuda
2003 Bill Breeze, Bellevue WA
2004 Kay Teal, Richland WA
2005 Harold Jordan, Wilmington DE
2006 Cisse Horton, San Antonio TX
2007 Jennie Flynn Sauviac
2008 Richard Caser
2009 Chris Larsen
2010 Marsha J. Helton
2011 Patty Tucker
2012 John and Teresa Federico
2013 Joseph Olivier

** Deceased

Aileen Osofsky (Sept. 6, 1926 - June 22, 2010).

Aileen Osofsky.  Photograph by Jonathan Steinberg.


Aileen studies her website; photo by Sandy Arlinghaus.