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Scarf of Main shown above.  This original 100% red silk scarf was designed by Dyne Benner Onoue, '64, for the 40th Reunion, from her original art.  The border signifies the class ring, VC 100th Class; and the drawing of Main, where we lived as seniors, symbolizes our tradition and class spirit. 
Copyrighted, all rights reserved by the artist throughout the world, including in electronic format.
This image is used on this website wIth permission of the artist


 For an interactive experience, click on Mark Fink's work, to see a 360 degree view of ringing the bell atop Main.


40th Reunion
Class Officers

45th Reunion
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55th Reunion: 
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60th Reunion
Class book

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Group and Candid Photos
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Based on much work previously available on the website of Elizabeth Daniels, '41, Vassar College Historian.
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Tech Fun
Find your '64 dormitory mates!  Look at a Google Earth display of the distribution of responding classmates by dormitory (no names of individuals). Link to the full-sized fixed animation; link to movie file (you control the time-spacing between successive animation frames); link to Google Earth file (drive around in the free download of Google Earth to see the full globe).  Zoom in to look at streets...find your own home!


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