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Charter Members
Raquel B. Agranoff
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus
Antoinette Benjamin
Elizabeth Rosalie Burt
Carol Calder Deinzer
Katherine Hilboldt Farrell
Cecilia Pozo Fileti
Lisa Howard
Mercy Tunba Kasle
Alma Lach*
Janice Bluestein Longone
Alice Boehnke Lyders
Mary Ann Nielsen Nisley
Tierney Ann Orfgen
Sharyl Deanne Politi
Ann Sneed Schriber
Cynthia Ann Straub
Donna Kay Tope

Alma Lach*
Sandra Lach Arlinghaus
Donna K. Tope
Raquel B. Agranoff


Mentor:  Chicago Chapter, Toria Emas

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Welcome to Les Dames d'Escoffier

Welcome Ann Arbor Dames.  You have accomplished so much in so little time.  We congratulate you on your organizational skills—not only do you have a robust Web site, you also have a prominent place in the community with a home in the Ann Arbor City Club.  Alma Lach was a legend in  Chicago and we are delighted to have her permanently revered in the Ann Arbor Chapter.

You are welcome to the Chicago Chapter meetings and we hope to grow the communication between our chapters.  We are proud to have another Midwest chapter in the LDEI.



LDE Chicago & LDEI Past President