Welcome to the Arlinghaus Family Genealogy

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Dating procedure:  a date of 07/03/1960, for example, means July 3, 1960.

The genealogy beginning point is:
Johan Gerhard Jakob Arlinghaus (02/11/1790-01/03/1854)

JOHAN GERHARD JAKOB ARLINGHAUS (02/11/1790-01/03/1854) and CATHARINA MARGARETHA BRINKMANN (02/25/1794-01/06/1858)  (married 11/23/1819)

All numbering is based upon this starting point. For example, I am #72121.....this means that I am the 1st child of the 2nd child of the 1st child of the 2nd child of the 7th child of Johan and Catharina. 
46143s. Prof. Dr. Dursun Tan (born in Turkey 08/20/1960-) were married.
                                                  46811s Otti Hari Widiastuti were married in Jakarta, Indonesia, August 31, 1990.
                                                  46813s Tridia Mboi were married in September, 1990
were married on ??/??/??