Alma's Guests!
 Through 2002.
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signed by Jim Pickler on 11/7/02
Alma, so glad to see the cookbook back in print. My first copy I received from an editor in Pittsford, NY. My second I'll gladly purchase!
signed by Bob Cosgrove on 10/13/02
Hello Alma just wanted to say hi. I was at your place once to fix your scanner. Is it still working ok. I hope so....  Bob
signed by John E. Brown, Ph.D. on 9/11/02
I surfed onto your site from learning about Chevalier du Tastevin.  I am so impressed.  Thank you for your beautiful music! Baltimore MD.
signed by Kevin Kueppers on 8/10/02
I have owned this book for 20 years and find it great. The lobster bisque recipe is one of the best.  I have to buy a new one I have used it so much.
signed by Jillann B. on 7/24/02
just got here-  looks like an interesting site, though (otherwise I'd leave w/o signing in!)
signed by M E Mansfield on 6/23/02
I love French cooking and am interested in any recipes or a web site that allows recipes without charge to be placed on the site.
signed by Lindsey, Sarah, Todd on 6/5/02
Looking forward to having dinner with you--
Love Lindsey, Sarah, Todd
signed by John & Sherry Lucht on 5/3/02
Gonna check u out lady. love u from Captiva
signed by John & Sherry Lucht on 5/3/02
signed by Sarah Jewell on 4/2/02
I have recieved one of your cookbooks for a wedding present and cannot wait to learn more from you!
signed by vesna on 3/20/02
Dear Alma,

You are my most favorite cookbook author.  I treasure my copy of "French Cooking," as you signed it.  The majesty of your work is most significant when ingesting the first bite of a prepared recipe.  I just happened to be speaking to a client - also a foodie - and mentioned your book.  Since I was on-line at the time, I searched for your name, and voila!  I am thrilled to know a bit more about you.

signed by jd on 1/15/02
xxx  this french  xxx  dawg
signed by Ben on 1/14/02
Have used your cookbook for, umm, lets see, 30 years. It's still the best! People can't believe that your wonderful souffle' is so easy to make, and they usually say that it's the best they ever tasted!
signed by Samuel W. Goldsmith on 12/3/01
Having made my first "Quatre-quarts aux poires" just over a month ago, and four iterations since then, I'm hooked. 
signed by Mercedes Paz on 11/27/01
The "How's and Why's Of French Cooking" is one of my most valuable treasures.  It's been my bible in the kitchen.  Thank you Alma Lach!
signed by Alice on 9/15/01
This cooking is so magically delicious i can't beleave that good can be so good!
signed by Eric Darnick on 8/27/01
I discovered "The Hows and Whys" at a used bookstore at the Milwaukee airport and it has proved indispensable ever since.  Thank you! 

Eric Darnick
Chicago, IL

signed by Chey on 6/5/01
signed by ZION PARZEN on 5/12/01
signed by Jason & Anna Mae on 4/23/01
To our most favorite Auntie Lach,
It is an absolute honor to have you in our lives and not just because of your celebrity status!!  You are the greatest cook in the whole wide world and the greatest woman that we know! 
              Much Love,
                  Anna Mae & Jason
signed by Cortney on 3/17/01
website don't have one
hey i'm very interested in french cooking so i thought i'd check your site out.